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There are many names for abrasive blasting. Such as shot blasting, sand blasting, grit blasting, media blasting, all of which have same process, propelling compressed air with some sort of blast media through a hose then tungsten carbide nozzle. We have the ability to blast ANY MEDIA from super fine glass, all the way through mesh grades to steel/iron shot. The wide range that we can blast enables us to blast steel, iron, aluminium, wood, fiberglass, stone and brick walls. We remove unwanted finishes like paint, rust, rot, grime, dirt grease, mil scale and foreign particles.


Dustless Blasting is the fastest, most cost effective surface preparation tool there is. Dustless Blasting is drastically faster than sanding and soda blasting. Because water reduces friction and prevents heat, there is no risk of warping from heat like there is with sandblasting.

We use 100% recycled bottle glass mixed with water for a dustless environment. With this combination on top of being mobile we are able to provide blasting anywhere. Including metal, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, concrete, tile, powder coating and even graffiti removal. Driveway oil stains can also be removed. We can blast your automobile removing all automotive fillers, rust and even undercoating to a clean brand new metal finish ready for coating.

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